5 Reasons Why Investing in NFT Art is the Smart Thing to Do

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We might think that NFTs are the future of investing, but in fact, that future is already here!

People looking to invest their money have different avenues available. Some choose to put their money in blue chip stocks, others in real estate. Cryptocurrencies have become a hot investment option as well. Most investors are looking to invest money for the long-term. And the ideal long-term investment is an asset that’s most likely to appreciate over time.

Curated works of Art by recognized artists and celebrities has for many years been the long-term investment of choice by the seriously wealthy investors, because rare artworks can not only be valued at millions of dollars, but the value of rare art usually appreciates over time. From the days of kings and emperors to today’s internet billionaires, Art has always been a status symbol, as well as a very smart long-term investment.

For the first time in history, NFT Art marketplaces are making art accessible to not just wealthy patrons of the Arts, but for investors as well. Art investment via the NFT route is today rapidly being seen as a way for anyone around the world to find and buy fine art and art collectibles.

Just like rare baseball cards, sports memorabilia or autographed celebrity merchandize have niche collectors willing to pay big bucks to own them. Art NFTs follow a similar investment trajectory but with a global resale market with millions of buyers. So here are the top-5 reasons why we should seriously consider NFT Art a viable new investment sector.


1. NFT Art is the New Standard in Art Investment

The investment potential of NFTs has suddenly grown exponentially with the emergence of the Ethereum Blockchain and its Smart Contract technology that allows for the creation of fully transferrable digital collectibles, or NFTs. This has suddenly made it possible for a whole new class of NFTs to be created and distributed, including rare and unique physical art collectibles. The emergence of this new technology has coincided with the rise of marketplaces for selling and buying NFTs to any interested buyer anywhere in the world. Marketplaces like Kulturemint make the entire process of Art investment easy – from discovering rare art by famous artists, to purchasing them safely using cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes, and just as easily, listing and selling them in the same marketplace.


2. Art investment is for now for everyone and no longer just for the super-rich.

The fact that you, as an investor, can now create and sell NFTs on the Blockchain and have access to a global market means that for the first time, there’s truly no upper limit on who can invest in or earn their living from the appreciation of fine art, collectibles and celebrity memorabilia. Prior to the emergence of NFTs, the world’s super-rich had been able to invest in the appreciation of rare artworks via personal contacts, art galleries or well-connected middlemen. Also, once purchased, these artworks were not easily transferable, the potential market for collecting, investing, and appreciating these artworks was limited to the super-rich club with access to exclusive art galleries. Creating and selling Art is now open to everyone with a computer and an internet connection. The blockchain allows both artists and buyers who have never met, located anywhere in the world, complete an Art transaction that’s guaranteed to be genuine.


3. NFT Art means Better Transparency and Security, with no fear of unverified fakes or fraudulent artwork

There’s no better way to protect your investment in NFTs than by fully authenticating the artwork’s origin and verifying its authenticity, just as with any other fine art piece. Because each and every piece of NFT artwork is essentially a digital token stored on the Ethereum Blockchain, you can easily use blockchain technologies to authenticate the artwork’s origin and authenticity, and even register the piece of art with a third-party authority like the Art Renewal Center (ARC), who will then ensure that you don’t own any fraudulent artworks.


4. NFT Art is greater liquidity compared to traditional art, with millions of buyers making millions of art trades daily.

With millions of buyers in the global marketplace, selling and buying NFTs is a highly liquid investment opportunity, even more than the resale of physical Art. Marketplaces like Kulturemint make the process of displaying and selling your NFT Art assets super easy, helping you to monetize your investment for cash whenever you choose to sell.


5. Owning NFT Art and Collectibles is a status symbol, like an art collector having collections of rare and authentic celebrity memorabilia.

Fact that you, as an investor, now own an NFT for an authentic digital piece of fine art by famous artists. This is a powerful, new-age status symbol. You’re not just an investor in fine art, you’re an investor in the newly blossoming digital art economy. NFTs offer investors a way to collect and/or invest in a range of different types of art, including fine art, Bollywood collectible, events and sports memorabilia.


To sum up, with millions of art buyers buying and selling Art as NFTs daily, this has become a serious investment opportunity that was till recently inaccessible to anyone outside the elite super-rich club. With a growing number of investors now looking to invest in NFTs, it’s clear that the art investment market is only just beginning to discover its true potential for exponential gains. The FOMO is strong in this one.


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