FAQ: Sign-up as an Artist / Art Creator on

Currently Kulturemint does not allow users to sign-up as an Artist to create their own NFTs.  Team Kulturemint shortlists and selects artists whose work qualifies to be featured on the KM marketplace.

If you wish to be a featured artist on,  please contact the KM team. Write in to us on [email protected]


For existing artists on, you can mint new NFTs for your original Art and add them to their collection. See FAQ: Minting NFTs on Kulturemint (how to sell your art)



About Us

Kulturemint’s vision is to be the destination where creative arts and technology converge to create and appreciate expression. A platform for the creative arts to embrace future mediums such as NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 technologies in order to create experiences.

This is the Kulturemint NFT marketplace, which brings community and creative arts together. Our objective is to use NFTs as a medium to foster and recognise talent in the domains of poetry, literature, music, journalism, art and design.



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