FAQ: Which cryptocurrency is accepted on


You can transact using the following currencies – MATIC (Polygon), Ether (Ethereum), BNB (Binance Smart Chain), and Cronos (CRO)


The choice of which crypto to purchase depends on one’s requirements and brand positioning.  We recommend Polygon because of its virtually negligible “gas” fees (transaction charges) along with its cross-compatibility with Ethereum.


We recommend purchasing between .05 and .1 ETH to cover minting and listing fees for Ethereum Blockchain.

3-5 Matic Coins if you are using Polygon Blockchain.

0.5-1.0 Binance Coin if you are using Binance Smart Chain.

These fees go directly to Blockchain miners who provide the computer power which is necessary to verify transactions and keep the network running; NFTICALLY does not receive a percentage. Everything you do on Blockchain will incur a fee, try and plan accordingly.

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Kulturemint’s vision is to be the destination where creative arts and technology converge to create and appreciate expression. A platform for the creative arts to embrace future mediums such as NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0 technologies in order to create experiences.

This is the Kulturemint NFT marketplace, which brings community and creative arts together. Our objective is to use NFTs as a medium to foster and recognise talent in the domains of poetry, literature, music, journalism, art and design.



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